Season 3


In this episode (season finale) your host Dirk Marshall welcomes Andy Lindberg to the studio. Andy is the producer, editor and host of the Kick Ass Oregon History Podcast (available wherever you listen) but that isn’t necessarily why he’s here. Andy is also an auctioneer at Artisan Auctioneers but that is also not the reason why he is on this episode. Andy is also a teacher but that even isn’t why he is here. So what else could such a talented person do that make them the perfect guest for this episode? Well, the film discussed is Freaked (1993) in which a man who is known for a role he played in his youth is hired by an evil corporation and things go south when he and friends make an unexpected stop at a roadside attraction.

Andy Lindberg is also very well known for a role he played in a major motion picture in his youth which makes him the perfect guest for this episode but you will have to listen to know more!

Each episode of ‘V H US’ features host Dirk Marshall having an in-depth talk with various guests about that week’s cult film and what it is like to have the profession portrayed (sometimes very loosely) in the film.

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Season 3

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